DIY Hydrovege Tower Project

Using discarded ikea furniture, recycle wood and pallets, we built a Hydroponics Tower system, completely indoor. Based in Hong Kong, having any space to grow anything is very hard. Going vertical is a great way to grow more. This is our first time using ZipGrow Tower. As you can see, our basils loved it. Our lights are mounted on pallets with wheels so that we can get to the plants when we need it.

Here are the diagrams for the system above. This time we added a customized Rasberry Pi humidity and temperature sensor that is linked to our tablet via wifi. This will give us continuous reading and assist us with future grow database. 


Author: Sammy Goh

Sammy is an award winning art director who spent most of her career designing motion graphics for television clients. Seeing her vegetables grow brings her lots of joy . She believes everyone has a right to eat fresh and safe food.

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