Bugs that killed my Basil

I didn't post for a while.  It has been very busy with work and loosing my Basil Plants at the same time.  The plants are all indoor plants. Right before Christmas,  I have to up root and remove all the Basil plants that we were growing.  A few of the plants was infested by small sap sucking bugs.  I looked them up online and come to the conclusion that they eventually will turn into Gnats.  I though they were Aphids.  The truth is I could not tell if they are Gnats or Aphids.  I notice there are black flying black insects that I caught with my yellow sticky paper.  The black insects looks like Gnats.  So are they Aphids or Gnats ? I don't know.  Anyway, it has become uncontrollable and I ended up having to restart.

Author: Sze

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