Simple Cloning that works

When our basil was attacked by caterpillars, we immediately decided to clone the basil that has given us many years of good harvest. One of the easiest way to extend the life of your plants is to clone. Here is what you will need :


  • Plant cuttings with at least four good size leaves. Leave a longer stalk for the roots to grow.
  • Put an air stone at the bottom to give aerate the water. (This really speed things up.) You can buy air stone in any fish aquarium shops.
  • Put a few units of root growth nutrients. 
  • Roots should be coming out in a week or two. After that, you can plant the clone in soil or in water. 
  • Click through the photos below to see the different stages of the clones.

Author: Sammy Goh

Sammy is an award winning art director who spent most of her career designing motion graphics for television clients. Seeing her vegetables grow brings her lots of joy . She believes everyone has a right to eat fresh and safe food.

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